So, I came upon a situation I feel is a bit weird, hence I want to ask for clarification. The Low Quality Post queue gave me this answer to review. By coincidence, I had already seen it about an hour before it came up for review - I downvoted it and comment to explain why the code suggested was simply wrong. So, what do I do with the review?

Looks OK? I don't agree it with that. I know code only answers are accepted but I also know this one doesn't work and wouldn't without being completely changed. Should I choose "Looks OK" when I don't think it does?

Edit? The most useful edit I can make is to completely re-write the post into a working one. Or alternatively edit it to include an explanation for the code...yet that will explain how it doesn't actually solve OP's problem.

Recommend Deletion? Well, none of the reasons match the answer. And none match, because that's not the accepted way to deal with these answers.

Skip? I suppose there is no shame in doing that, but ideologically I find it incorrect, as I haven't skipped it. I already acted upon the answer before it came up for review.

Also, how should I handle this in general - I see some code-only answer that I know is wrong/doesn't work for OP. Do I comment and skip? Comment and say it looks OK?


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You are not reviewing for "correctness". The fact that the answer is wrong is not relevant for the review. That what votes are for, and if you have already voted in that answer, kudos to you.

I understand that "it doesn't look good to you", and I feel your pain at having to click looks ok when you really believe it doesn't.

But you need to review in the context of the queue you are in.

Looks ok means: it doesn't need to be deleted. I agree that this button could be reworded to be less positive. I do not think you are the only one that dislikes its current wording.

  • that is helpful thanks. By the way, are there written guidelines for that? I tried looking but the best I could find is some blog posts about reviewing in general, meta questions on how to handle code-only answers and such. I didn't find an actual explanation of when "Looks OK" is merited and as consequence, I'm most likely under-utilising it in favour of "Skip" when I'm not sure.
    – VLAZ
    Commented Sep 20, 2018 at 7:59
  • Also, the label might be too long for a button but could be the caption. For reference, the current one simply says "this answer doesn't seem low-quality". Also something I disagree with.
    – VLAZ
    Commented Sep 20, 2018 at 8:00

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