I was wondering if jobs will add the ability to filter for full-time vs part-time jobs? If not, is a reason that this doesn't already exist?


Most jobs on the board are either full-time, contract or internship positions. You can already filter by those things using the background category:

Background Filters

We don't currently support part-time because not enough jobs provide it so it doesn't make for a worthwhile filter. It's possible we'll re-evaluate this in the future if employers express an interest in it.

  • I'm sure employers will never be interested in this only employees. Part time is basically a perk like better health care etc. – Hakaishin Sep 7 '18 at 9:26
  • This wouldn't be a perk, but a requirement for me due to disability. :/ – AlbeyAmakiir Jul 26 at 0:16

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