I just observed that when I post a comment containing a piece of code, the code is not colored as it is in answers and questions. Here is a screenshot:

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In the above screenshot, I just posted a comment as a test containing some code on my own question. e.g In the post, the strings are colored red but in the comment there is no coloring.

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Comments have never had syntax highlighting.

Comments are far from ideal for sharing code, since they cannot contain newlines. This makes syntax highlighting less relevant.

Also, code between backticks (``) has never had syntax highlighting. Code needs to be on a separate line, indented by 4 spaces, to have syntax highlighting. This is not possible in comments.

It's unlikely syntax highlighting will ever be added for comments, but if you can make a good case for it, you could open a explaining the advantages of syntax highlighting in comments and discuss why it needs to be added.

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