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I think, this is one kind of abuse of people's rights.

The following routine subtract the mean value from the image making it sharper.

function pad = erase_mean(im, sz)    
    im = double(im);

    pad = floor(sz/2);
    [m,n,o] = size(im);

    mask = ones(sz,sz);

    for q=1:o       



    mx = max(max(im(1+pad*2:m-pad*2,1+pad*2:n-pad*2,q)));
    im = uint8((im./mx(1)).*255);
    pad = im(1+pad*2:m-pad*2,1+pad*2:n-pad*2,:);

enter image description here

  • What is the purpose of variable sz in this routine?
  • pad is used as an integer and a matrix at the same time?
  • Is it illegal to ask for code explanation?
  • What more explanation could I provide? If I could provide more explanation, why would I post the question in the 1st place?

Accepted answer

Even the answer is being down-voted.

If sz is an scalar value, it defines the dimensions of the square matrix mask. It's more interesting to see what mask does, substract the mean value to catch the extreme values of the image, as explained in the kmdreko's answer.

If this question was not answerable, how could he answer and how could I accept the answer?

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What more explanation could I provide? If I could provide more explanation, why would I post the question in the 1st place?

When you write your next question, consider SO like you would an encyclopedia.

If an encyclopedic article on Matlab was entitled, What is the purpose of variable sz in this routine? would it have any significance? Well, clearly not.

The reason why I emphasize the title is it pinpoints the issue with the question itself. It is so localized that it will have no use for anyone else. There are millions of such functions in the public domain. Does each variable in each function need an independent explanation?

Of course, the people at SO are happy to help if they see evidence of you trying to work it out for yourself. One way you can achieve this is explain what you currently understand about the function and why the use of a particular variable seems questionable.

But that's not what you've done. You've provided a code dump and a highly localized question.

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