I recently noticed that we have both and :

(26 71 watchers, 468 1116 questions)

In Java 8, a Future that may be explicitly completed (setting its value and status), and may include dependent functions and actions that trigger upon its completion.

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Java 8 common API interface of a possibly asynchronous computation, that performs an action or computes a value when another CompletionStage completes. Note: this tag is a bit different from `completable-future`, which is a default implementation of this CompletionStage API

Of course, usage of the latter is quite low, but this tag would actually be applicable for all questions since it is an implementation of that interface.

Conversely, CompletableFuture is the JDK implementation of CompletionStage, and thus the de facto standard (there is another one, but I'm not sure it is used much). Moreover CompletionStage has a toCompletableFuture() method, so it's coupled with it anyway.

Does it make sense to keep both tags? Should we make them synonyms?

I don't think we should keep both, as questions using only one of them are just losing visibility.

  • Do we need either?
    – Braiam
    Oct 27, 2021 at 16:09


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