Recently I noticed this off-topic question and found that it uses tag, which has description below (you can see in tag wiki):

free is a function to deallocate memory obtained from malloc and other functions in C. Do not use this tag to refer to free software. Asking for software recommendation is off-topic on Stack Overflow. If you have a question about free software, you can ask here:https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/

This tag at the time of writing contains 1,834 questions, some of them even not related with language function as described above or tagged incorrectly. Here are some examples:

Is any free and mark-able reference to " Symfony 3.4 framework tutorial "? (off topic)

Python: Error in python3: free(): invalid size: 0x00000000037e3190

Free spanish speech recognition service (off topic)

NodeJS - can I "free" a required module?

Delphi Tokyo Android: How do I get the Free Available Disk Space?

Free WordPress form plugin with upload files option

Command Line 'free' get only the result from 'total'

Jenkins Swap Space on Slave server - Killed processes to get RAM back but SWAP is not free, How safe is swapoff -a

There are another possible usages of which do not mentioned yet, hence to avoid further conflicts renaming for disambiguation should be arranged like this example:

I'm also aware with for C/C++ language as provided here, but it still has no wiki and/or usage guidance. Also I found this request but not providing any solutions yet.

If you feel there are better usage examples, please add more suggestions.


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