I've discovered today tag and think that it is completely useless and should be burinated.

Some statistics:

  • 51 questions

It is used in (at least) three cases:

  1. Network name resolution (use or something similar instead)
  2. Name resolution in code (remove, language tag is enough)
  3. Name resolution in IDE (remove, IDE tag is enough)

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I disagree with the burnination. The tag needs a and a instead. A tag being "useless" isn't a strong and a valid argument for burnination. There are 4 questions which are to be answered instead. Going one by one:

The process for burninating tags clearly states that a tag must fail all the tests for a tag to be burninated. Here it fails 2 of the 4.

Now for the disambiguation:

  • Half the questions are related to the domain name resolution service. These should be re-tagged as instead.
  • Most of the remaining half are related to the token name resolution. If most of the questions were related to this, the it could have remained as it is, and we could have retagged the new wrongly tagged questions on the go. However, it seems like most of the users are not using the tag properly. Therefore we can rename it as (other suggestions are welcome).
  • The tag needs to be removed from the other questions (I can just see one or two others).
  • The tag wiki page of both and should be updated to mention what its purpose is and about the other tag.

The tag is infact a good tag and deserved to be kept as such for token name resolutions. But given that there's a similarly named service, and that the usage is almost 50-50, we will have to go for a disambiguation here. (if less than 20% of the posts were wrongly tagged, then we could have let it remain)

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    It is worth noting that "name resolution" is not really a common C++ term as far as I'm aware. Instead, "name lookup" and then potentially "overload resolution" are performed to match a name to some declared entity. But I'd say it's a valid way to express the intent nonetheless.
    – Baum mit Augen Mod
    Aug 12, 2018 at 20:22

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