I really enjoy the Stack Overflow podcast, but there hasn't been one for a while. When can we expect the team at SO HQ to pod more casts?

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    They did a podcast with/about Jon Skeet. What more can they do? – André Kool Aug 9 '18 at 15:02

The podcasts, in their current format, are a whole lot of work for something that (lately) is essentially 'meh'. We talk about the company news, Jay David & Joel have a good dynamic, but we've got to be honest that it has come pretty far from the early days when recording a new podcast was the best way to get people hooked on our enthusiasm.

There's also scheduling issues:

  • I wouldn't wish Joel's schedule on anyone. I really mean that.
  • David and Jay are kinda where Joel was a few years ago, which is another schedule I wouldn't wish on anyone
  • Producing the podcast, especially if there's a guest, increasingly requires luck, fairy dust or magic in order to happen (did I mention scheduling?)

That's not to say that there won't be new episodes, or that you've heard the last of Joel David & Jay, but we're looking at a new format that we should be able to keep up with, and one that's more about you than it is us.

Maybe we could interview people actively giving their time on the site, maybe we should be talking more about issues programmers have to contend with, maybe we should reach out to people you love to follow on Twitter and get an AMA going on Twitch. Maybe we could, you know, spend more time talking about our other sites, too, like we used to.

In other words, let's make it a little about us (we'll always talk about new stuff or contentious stuff), but mostly about you.

This is one of those things that Juan is going to be picking up in the coming weeks or months; he'll have some more when plans solidify. In the meantime, if you have format recommendations or ideas, just tag 'em and and we'll respond to them.

  • That's interesting Tim and thanks for the detailed response. Sounds like you have some good plans in the works. I would say though that one thing I really like about the current Podcast (aside from some of the fun/zaniness) is hearing the depth to which you debate changes to the site. It's really insightful and inspiring. So, personally I hope to hear that continue. – Mark Wragg Aug 10 '18 at 12:25
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    One of the ways that Stack Overflow en español has grown tighter as a community is through their Webcasts. In them, community members are interviewed on a topic. They also answer "live" questions from other viewers. It's a great way for people to see each other and learn from each other. Maybe that's something we could try on other network sites. – Juan M Aug 10 '18 at 13:20

The answer can be found on Twitter:

Wondering why there's not been new episodes lately? We've been a little busy... Introducing Teams!

So I guess when work on Teams is wrapping up, they'll start doing podcasts again.


It seems that they finally started another podcast in April 2019: Unicorn Meta Zoo #1: Why another podcast?

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    That's quite a different format than the old HQ podcast, though. It's clearly a different team with a different mission and consequently a different name for the podcast. – tripleee Aug 10 at 11:53
  • @tripleee yeah that's true – fzyzcjy Aug 10 at 12:06

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