On August 1, that is, 5 days ago, I earned the Nice Answer and Enlightened badge in a Team.

However, no matter how many times I click on it, it keeps showing with a blue background reserved for "new stuff".

So if I click on the badge icon and scroll down a bit it starts with something like this:

enter image description here

and after a lot of scrolling down, this one shows:

enter image description here


Thank you for bringing this up. I know this has taken a while but I finally got a fix out for this issue.

When you're looking at your achievements, we're setting a ViewedDate on all achievements so they won't be highlighted the next time you're opening the list of achievements.

For Teams, we failed to update that ViewedDate properly. I fixed that. If you take a look now, your Teams' achievements should be properly marked as read and won't bug you anymore.


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