I saw this post: Feedback on audit

enter image description here

I got interested and clicked the link. Of course the post was already deleted. Since the question did not cite anything, this question is now useless for all <10k users.

  • How should I handle such a question? Is it appropriate to vote to close for "can no longer be reproduced"?

  • How should such questions be handled if the link is still valid? Maybe closed as unclear what you are asking? Or should it be left opened?


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It should be left open if the only reason for closure is that the post has been deleted.

You can request clarification, e.g. a screenshot or a relevant quote, in the comments, if you think it's relevant to the discussion or necessary to understand the question.

Many of these meta posts are either specific support/clarification requests so not that useful for the long term, or use the post as an example and can be understood without it.

For this specific example, a picture was already requested, but not added for 6 hours, so I've added it now. For posts with more traffic, someone often responds faster

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