Deleted users' display names are like user12345 but the one who asked this question is named "somebody." Was that their real display name? If so, why do some deleted users get to keep their names and others do not?

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    Somebody wanted to ask a question. Anybody could have asked it, but they were afraid of downvotes. In the end, Nobody asked it, even though it would have been helpful to Everybody. Commented Jul 29, 2018 at 22:12

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somebody was their real display name at the time their account was deleted. You see a display name on the question because posts were not anonymised back when that account was deleted. I suspect that the name 'somebody' was picked deliberately to manually anonymise.

That procedure is now long since obsolete. These days, when an account is deleted, posts are anonymised automatically. There is no option to put a different name on posts.

Note that anonymising posts doesn't stretch to comment contents; if someone used @displayname to ping the post author in comments, then the name in such comments is not affected.


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