When merging accounts on Stack Overflow, the process involves merging questions and answers which then also recalculates the reputation and badges of the account. The "About Me" Section is also merged as well.

So suppose I have two accounts. I have my older account (the account that will receive the merged data), and I have this account (the account that is providing the data that will be transferred).

If my older account has no Developer Story on Stack Overflow, and this account does have a Developer Story on Stack Overflow, will the Developer Story be merged? Thank You.


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Yes, Developer Stories will be merged with the rest of the account, as animuson says here:

[E]verything else gets combined together during a merge, including your posts, comments, votes, and developer story.

However, the merge will create a second "Joined Stack Overflow" entry on your Developer Story timeline which you will need to delete.

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