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I have two accounts: on Stack Overflow and on Stack Overflow на русском. On Stack Overflow I have only 6 reputation, but on Stack Overflow на русском I have 88 reputation. I want to vote for good questions, but I can not do it, because I have not 15 reputation.

How can I take reputation from Stack Overflow на русском?

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You can not. Reputation can't be transferred between different sites.

However, you can earn 200 rep on either site and get 100 rep on every other site as an association bonus. This will get you past the lowest privilege levels on each new site. This will allow you to upvote and comment (among others), but not down vote until you've participated a bit on each individual site.


There's no way to transfer reputation between sites. The one exception is the association bonus - once you reach 200 points in one account, all your accounts, including new ones you open after receiving this bonus, will gain an additional 100 points.

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