Earlier, in the question wizard, the SO team included a typical template of a question.

Let's add similar pointers to the How to ask help article, so that novices can see what information they are required to provide for us to be able to answer, and so that we can quickly refer to it for a question that is lacking the required information, and save everyone the frustration of having to explain what is missing for the 1000th time and getting the missing bits.

Then, instead of "condescending or snarky responses" about someone failing to do the debugging, constructing an MCVE or gooling their error message for the 2000th time, one could simply say "see [ask]", where everything that they may be missing would be clearly outlined.

E.g. something like this (not proposing this specific wording, only showing the key points to cover):

In a question, you need to provide all the information that is required to give a definitive answer. Besides, any problem must be described in a way that is useful for future readers that have the same problem.

Unless you know what you're doing, stick to the following template. Describe:

Maybe a style guide, too (elaborating on other style topics should be in another Q&A; here, I only mention what is a part of the question's template):

Avoid any disclaimers like "thanks in advance" etc. At SO, and in online communities in general, you rather show respect by respecting others' time -- by giving, clear, concise and sufficient information that doesn't require others to waste their time squeezing the missing bits from you.

I.e. "How to Ask" should be a step-by-step guide for writing a question rather than a formless compilation of vague general advice. But for now, I'm only proposing to integrate this specific information so as not to scare off the hesitating crowd with radical changes leading God-knows-where.



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