1. should be merged with
  2. should be renamed to

Maybe we could also add synonym [ef...] to all [entity-framework...] tags?

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I support this proposal, which is strongly connected to the already completed merge of and .

A SEDE query yields the following affected tags and question counts (as of April 12th):

  1. (705 questions) / no equivalent tag
  2. (503) / (119)
  3. (589) / (82)
  4. (294) / (62)
  5. (176) / (47)

As the question numbers show, the shorter versions are used much more often, so we should keep them somehow.

None of these tags have wikis; only the ef-core-2.* tags have very basic usage guides, which probably become redundant when using the long versions.

For clarity and consistency with the past tag merge of and , we should use the entity-framework-core-* ones as main tags, but keep the short versions as synonyms.

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