My people impact was around 80k+ till yesterday but today it got down to 3K, I want to know why it got reduced to 3k. Also, I want to understand the full mechanism behind this process.

Edit:- After reading the duplicate marked linked I understood the logic behind the impact calculation, in that question, there was a link to see the impact post wise I saw that my highest ranked post wasn't deleted then why did it reduce?

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    @Ivar There's no rep on meta, so answering questions about a specific case, even if they have been marked as a dupe, is not as frowned upon here as it is on main (especially on questions tagged support). Imo you've done good answering it, even if it's a dupe.
    – Erik A
    Commented Jun 15, 2018 at 9:34

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Using this SEDE query, you can see that 78k of your 80k came from this question. Reading this meta post, your answer is not the accepted answer, does not have a score of at least 5 and does not have at least 20% of the vote count. It was in the top 3 answers, but this answer got an up vote yesterday, kicking you out of the top 3.


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