Can we add don't post pictures of code/output/arrays etc. to the 'how to ask' page?

I just recently linked to this page due to a question including what I first thought was only two images (but as links), and I noticed the how to ask does not say anything about pictures of code/text etc.

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    Only CM's can after a meta post. So if this post is going to be that request, include the copy that needs to be added/ changed so mods only have to forward the request with a link to this very question. (or write an answer with the proposed version so we can vote on that) – rene Jun 13 '18 at 7:36
  • As my native language is not English I think someone else is better suited to do the actual wording. But in essence, don't post pictures of what is text. – Andreas Jun 13 '18 at 7:39
  • @ Andreas well English is my native language and I don't think I could word it better than you. This is a good idea. – Yvette Colomb Jul 3 '18 at 11:01

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