As the title says, currently Users have to enable/disable navigation bar settings individually for Main in Main site preferences and for Meta in Meta site preferences.

Can we have a common setting for this? Or at least, allow a user to copy the settings across sites in order to have a uniform experience in not only Stack Overflow's main and meta but also other Stack Exchange communities (similar to copying profile data).

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    I was just asking myself the same question, I find the space it takes up pretty annoying.. – Nebulosar Jun 13 '18 at 6:56
  • Did my rage turn you to this? 😲background context – KarelG Jun 13 '18 at 6:57
  • @KarelG partly :p.. I was thinking of posting it anyway. It was annoying when I tried to toggle – Suraj Rao Jun 13 '18 at 6:58
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    Exactly my thoughts when I: 1) first see it on SO 2) switch to meta after that to ask/search question about it. Left navigation is absolutely useless for 99.99% of users. I have no clue why it's ON by default. – Sinatr Jun 13 '18 at 8:56
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    It would be good to have such an option right on the sidebar. I've only found out how to disable this ugly piece of the website through this question. – deamon Jun 13 '18 at 9:01
  • @Sinatr because more white-space is more real estate to be sold as advertisement space. On by default means more people will see it, especially the non-logged on users who can't turn it off anyway. Site's quality is being sacrificed once again to the Mammon of money. – Adriaan Jun 13 '18 at 14:02
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    I'll go a step further, can there be a way to copy it across all of SE when it starts getting rolled out beyond SO? – Izkata Jun 13 '18 at 14:51
  • Yes with a user script you can – TylerH Jun 13 '18 at 15:48
  • I made a userscript (Which I called VisualCrumbs) that changes the way some things are displayed, including changing the page body margins to waste less space. There are a couple other minor changes this userscript makes that I believe also work well for the site. If you're interested in this, or want to contribute to the project, you can go to github.com/GrumpyCrouton/Userscripts - image.ibb.co/bUFLSy/NO_WASTED_SPACE.png – GrumpyCrouton Jun 13 '18 at 16:08
  • I hope SE implements global settings, but, based on past refusals to do so, doubt they will. As for the "Hide Left Navigation bar setting": Because I don't want the left-sidebar appearing on any site, I created Left-sidebar in the Topbar, which moves the left-sidebar into the topbar on all SE sites which have the left-sidebar, regardless of the preference set on each individual site. Installing this userscript is functionally equivalent to having selected an SE network-wide preference to "Hide left navigation". You don't need to set the preference on each site. – Makyen Jun 13 '18 at 18:52
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    At the very least, the sidebar should by default not be visible on my tiny tablet in landscape mode. Only half of the page is usable between the two sidebars. – anonymous Jun 14 '18 at 0:26
  • In wide monitors, lot of white space is visible. unnecessary effort on scrolling . – Makesh Jun 15 '18 at 12:02
  • Didnt realize it was completed.. Works great! Thanks @JoeFriend – Suraj Rao Jul 5 '18 at 5:27

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