Is there a preferred way to document menu item selection? The keyboard markup is useful, but I was wondering if menu/menu items had its own markup option that is recommended.

Is there a better way represent a menu item click than this?

Select the Menu item Tools    🡪   some menuitem

EDIT: Since posting the question and using better search strings I found this. https://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/294550/1347784

This seems to suggest there is no "preferred" way, but a few commonly used patterns all fairly simple. Or include a screen shot rather than using kbd markdown.

I'm going to use this in the future: Navigate to Tools 🡪 MenuItem


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The convention is I've mostly seen is using arrows to note menu/submenu/dialog navigation. Often, the navigation actions are formatted to make them stand out (e.g. bold, code formatting).

For particularly confusing or complex dialogs, many users actually provide screenshots and/or animated GIFs.

Here's an excerpt from a well-formatted answer that uses a combination of arrow notation and screenshots to describe how to change a certain setting in an IDE (original emphasis preserved)

If it's not there open it from View -> Tool Windows -> Database


  • In this new popup window choose MySQL from the left.

Should look like this


I generally use this formatting for menus:

Navigate to the Tools > SQL Server > New Query... menu

Markdown source:

Navigate to the *Tools > SQL Server > New Query...* menu

The keyboard markup might cause trouble on mobile devices if you use it like that, and I imagine it's also annoying for screen readers. Keep it simple :)

  • I see your point. KISS is indeed good
    – phil soady
    Commented Jun 6, 2018 at 16:41

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