I ran into this situation from time to time that the question that I wanted to ask has already been posted by someone several years ago. However, there are chances that the old posts may not make me satisfied due to:

  • Things might have been changed dramatically during the years that what was considered as a good answer may be no longer suitable for now.
  • The old question doesn't have any good answer at all. (There may be some answers, but the answers may not be good enough to give a complete insight of the problem)

But it seems that the freshness is a very important factor on the stackexchange websites for a question to be answered. So in this case, is it ok to re-post the same question again? Or are there any decent ways to draw attention for that question so that someone will take a look and hopefully give a better answer?

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You can certainly try to ask it, and then see what happens, see how the community at large, but if you do, consider:

  • Referencing the prior similar questions, showing what information they've given you, and also telling and showing as clearly as possible, why your question is not a complete duplicate.
  • Posting a decent MCVE code post within your question as this can also be used to buttress your assertion that your question is more specific and unique
  • Being extremely careful with questions that are asked very commonly and are felt to have canonical answers, such as the What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? as an example. We see so many of these types of questions on the site where the duplicate is in fact a true duplicate, should be closed, and the real issue is that the poster doesn't fully understand the answers to be found.
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