As an admin, I can invite people to my Team and see a report of who has accepted and which invitations are pending:


Trouble is, when I look at Pending invitations, some have expired after 7 days of no response. The default sort for that list is by status, which does make finding actual pending and not-yet-expired invites easy enough. But it's odd to see a bunch of "Pending" invites that can't actually be accepted at this point. It also would be nice to see how many invitations had expired as a separate number in the tabs.

Bonus feature request: I can cancel pending and delete expired notifications from this view, but I can imagine wanting to resend them at some point in the future. I suppose I could copy and paste the emails, but it would be nicer to just press a button or follow a link instead. (And if we had that, I suspect it would be handy to have a way to select a sublist of invitations and act on them in bulk.)



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