The tags associated with the Microsoft Dynamics software line are a mess! The Navision ones especially.

The tag could at one point have been used for the exact software Navision--before it was bought out by Microsoft sixteen years ago. However, I would argue that just adds to the confusion, and has no additional benefit.

The , and tags are surely overlapping.

Each specific version has a tag:


Not only that, but it's inconsistent with the other Dynamics software tags. There is no Great Plains tag (for Dynamics GP). But there IS an tag for, what is now, Dynamics AX.

As a result, many or all of the questions must use 5 overlapping or nearly identical tags to get an answer. Whereas, using just one or two of these tags generates far less attention and responses.

For example: The service principal name (delegation) configuration has been set incorrectly (Ms Dynamics NAV)

My proposal is to synonymize the and tags into .

It seems prudent too for and .

It seems relevant to leave the version(year) specific tags. This is in line with other software, which have general tags (ex: ), and version-specific ones (ex: ).

Note that is already a synonym for . This post is recommending the same treatment for the rest of the dynamics tags. Unfortunately... the synonym for is and not ...

Going to end this post here before I find more issues, and run out of space to type.



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