I realize that questions posted (not deleted) more than 60 days ago that are deleted simply vanish into thin air. I think I asked a question in the beginning of March that is nowhere to be found. (in case you're curious, it was about a replacement for the deprecated KeyboardEvent.keyCode, but one that works similarly to it giving me the ASCII value - something that KeyboardEvent.key and KeyboardEvent.code don't do).

I received no notification concerning it (except for some downvotes when I posted it, hence I think Community might have deleted it). If I'm not seeing it in my questions nor in my deleted questions, does it mean that it got deleted without any notification?

As an aside, I think this is bad practice, my question had comments and upvotes besides the downvotes. I already upvoted this feature-request. I guess my only option now is to ask the same question again, doubling the ammount of moderation...?



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