I'm looking to find resources for sports API's to gather data. Would Stack Overflow be the correct place to ask a question like this? It's a programming need but not really a "software" problem to solve.

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  • I was under the impression this should be the place to ask if a question is suitable. @Paulie_D thanks for the link to the help center I hadn't even looked. – Stevenfowler16 May 2 '18 at 12:37
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    To OP. Maybe (really not familiar with that site so YMMV, I suggest checking their help center) on softwarerecs? It's made for software recommendations. I would assume APIs fall there too.... But again, I'd say search their help center before posting – Patrice May 2 '18 at 12:37
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    no you are entirely correct here. This is just me being unable to read a question this morning. Sorry for the confusion – Patrice May 2 '18 at 12:38
  • @Patrice perfect thanks I'll go take a look. I briefly skimmed through the sites but I did not think of that name to check. – Stevenfowler16 May 2 '18 at 12:38
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    Just FYI, because I've looked into this before, Stack Overflow is the right place to ask about scraping data from web pages if you don't find a suitable API. – Bill the Lizard May 2 '18 at 12:46
  • @BilltheLizard I'm typing out my question over there as we speak and I was just thinking I may need to just scrape some of the info. Thanks – Stevenfowler16 May 2 '18 at 12:48
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    At the risk of giving a thanks-only comment, I want to thank you (especially as you appear to be a new user) for asking here before posting on the main site. – BlackVegetable May 2 '18 at 15:21

Web API recommendations appear to be on-topic on Software Recommendations Stack Exchange. See Are web API recommendations on-topic? for more details. I'm not a regular on that site, so please consider spending a few minutes reading their help articles to verify that it is indeed the site you are looking for.

They seem to already have at least a couple of questions about Sports APIs:

Check them out before posting your own, to avoid posting a duplicate.

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  • Checking them out and it seems I may not get the answer I'm looking for. I may end up building my own just by scraping the data. – Stevenfowler16 May 2 '18 at 12:52
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    @Stevenfowler16 OpenData.SE, suggested in Florian Brucker's answer, may turn out to be a better site for your question than SoftRecs.SE. – yannis May 2 '18 at 13:18
  • You may be correct. I'll try both and report back as to which is more suitable. – Stevenfowler16 May 2 '18 at 13:19
  • Users going to Software Recs should generally read this Meta post before posting: softwarerecs.meta.stackexchange.com/q/336/2481 – jpmc26 May 3 '18 at 16:23
  • Might it be worth asking at Meta opendata.stackexchange.com/if this is on topic there? That somehow feels more appropriate than SW recs. – Mawg says reinstate Monica May 4 '18 at 8:31
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    Looking into both it seems Open Data would be a better choice for the question...though no suitable answers were found. – Stevenfowler16 May 4 '18 at 19:30

As defined in in the [on-topic] section of the [help] center..

No it would not be appropriate.

"Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it."

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Data API requests are also on-topic on OpenData.SE according to their help center. They even have a sports tag.

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