Please note only the first linked duplicate is actually a dupe. The second one predates any "appending tags" behavior in audits. (Not sure how duplicate list editing works here on meta, but if a gold badge/mod is able to remove the second item, please do so and rollback this edit.)

I was reviewing CVs today in a queue filtered by . Much to my surprise, a question appeared without the tag on it, though it did have , which is among my normal filter tags.

Here's the proof (and a link to the actual question):

enter image description here

I suspected an audit, and indeed it was. However, usually it is the filtered tag that is prepended, not some random other tag. Despite appearances, this question doesn't actually have the tag.

It's important to note I accessed the filtered queue through a link which had the filter in the URL. My default filtering tags are , , and , so I assume there is some kind of bug which confused the two lists (maybe having in both was also a part of this).



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