So, regularly questions pop up with "It works in all Browsers But not in [browser]"

In Google search

  • "but not in chrome" site:stackoverflow.com Yields 38.000 results
  • "but not in firefox" site:stackoverflow.com
    Yields 31.800 results
  • "but not in IE" site:stackoverflow.com
    Yields 27.300 results

So since I found this an interesting tidbit I tried to build some SEDE queries, but I can't build a proper SEDE query that won't time-out on the like query on title or text.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to build a SEDE query that would filter these data points so they become manageable for the engine to return results?


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There are several options. One is to limit your search scope to a single tag and use a TOP with a reasonable number.

Here is a query where I applied that technique.

select top 100 
       p.id as [Post Link]
from posts p
inner join posttags pt on pt.postid = p.id
inner join tags t on t.id = pt.tagid
where t.tagname = ##tagname:string?javascript##
and body like '%##body##%' collate sql_latin1_general_cp1_ci_ai

Other options are to limit on the creationdate (use a BETWEEN statement).

Don't forget that SEDE has an option to include the execution plan (the query needs to run or alternatively use the set showplan_all on statement)

execution plan

You can apply SQL Server statement tuning techniques to improve the performance of the query.

There is a known issue with the Magic Link Columns (like [Post Link]) that cause an out of resources error even for small resultsets. I have answered a similar question about that topic: Out-of-resources when trying to run a popular DataExplorer query with both an analysis of the root cause and offer a work around.

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