I was formatting the pictures uploaded in my question. In my understanding there are two ways to insert a picture into paragraph:


or another syntax which is what I prefer:

(At the end of my question)
  [picture1]: link_to_picture1

But the system tells me that the latter one has some "un-formatted" code in my description, and force me to do some 4-space indentation to nowhere, so I have to choose the only alternative: just in-line it.

I felt offended when I was trying to format it and came up with "un-formatted" warning.


I in-line the first link and update the formula1 and formula2 to no in-line and the same error appears again.

enter image description here


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Your second format is incorrect. It should be like this:

[![enter image description here][picture]][picture]

  [picture]: https://example.com/image.png

Notice that you are missing several sets of brackets ([]).

This is the format used if you use the Add Picture button on the editor too.

Add Picture Button

The identifier in brackets does not have to be a numeral. You can see the code attaching the picture above as:

[![Add Picture Button][aword]][aword]

  [aword]: https://i.sstatic.net/0wHzB.png


  • Is that the picture can only be number? I change it with the format but the error appears again Apr 27, 2018 at 12:52

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