I had put a 100-point bounty on this question, as it was not getting many views or any answers. BabelNet API network information

As the bounty period was ending, someone posted a detailed and helpful answer, but I just missed the grace period. (I had given up on getting an answer, so I wasn't paying attention.) Since the answer didn't get 2 upvotes by the end of the grace period, I don't think it will get automatically awarded the bounty either. Is there any way I can award the responder some bonus points myself without starting a 200-point bounty now? (I'd happily give him points out of my current reputation points even though my first 100 were lost, but I don't really want to go up to 200). I feel badly about not noticing the answer while the bounty was still available to be awarded.


You had over a day to award the bounty, per the post's timeline. Because you didn't, and because there wasn't another upvote on the answer, the bounty went unclaimed, as evidenced in the history.

Closed, non-winning bounty for question Id = 49367386

The only way you're going to award them any bounty points now is if you start another bounty.

To understand more about this, reference this FAQ entry on the uber-Meta for more details.

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