Today I failed this review in the low quality queue that I though looked OK because it explained what needed to be done and linked to (possible) helpful documentation.

The reason for this failure was that it was spam.

Did I make a mistake or did another bad audit slip in?


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What you probably should have noticed is that the OP was affiliated with the website they link to and that it is a self-answer.

It is a known spam seed setup: ask a (simple) innocent question, answer with spam.

The problem here is that the particular OP posted a bunch of those, all making it very suspicious but the remaining rest of their posts look legit. I've casted a total of 4 helpful spam flags on various post from that same OP. The user's posts did get picked up by the Smoke Detector.

In this case I think you made a mistake, yes. While the post seems legit there were enough signals in the review that should have made you visit the Q/A pair and the OP's profile to verify what you're dealing with.

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    Thanks for this very clear explenation of what i did wrong. Mar 21, 2018 at 9:28

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