If I begin changing my name in my Private Information on the Edit Profile & Settings page, the following notice shows up (bold present in the original):

⚠️ Updates to your Full name will be reflected within your Developer Story and/or all Stack Overflow Teams. Within Developer Story, your name is seen by employers and visitors to your public CV/Story. Within Stack Overflow for Teams, your name is seen by members of that team.

Here's a screenshot, I'll update my “Full name” to “test name”:

enter image description here

This warning isn't actually accurate. Having saved my profile like this, my new full name of “test name” hasn't been reflected anywhere I can see on my developer story. It still lists a display name I chose earlier, and my actual full name chosen earlier.

enter image description here

Something about that warning isn't quite right and ought to get updated.

FWIW though, I consider the fact this doesn't update my full name on my developer story to be a feature. I don't want the full name on my profile, and my full name on my developer story, to overlap — because the full name I choose on my profile is also a public-facing channels name, and I don't want that to be my real life name. On that account I consider the bug to be better resolved by updating the warning.


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