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Is it possible to filter out certain jobs, which you know apriori you are not interested in, from the ads that are placed on your profile page and other unsolicited locations?

Specifically, I don't want to work for a certain company for moral/political reasons. Or because I don't like their logo, doesn't matter. But - I keep getting ads about working there - which are keeping potentially valid ads from my view.

This question:

Job: offer the ability to suppress companies and recruiters

seems to be about search results.

  • Thanks for the feature request... it makes me really happy to see it and be able to tell you that... we're working on it! ETA: 6-8 weeks (but hopefully less)
    – g3rv4
    Commented Mar 15, 2018 at 12:27

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Yes, you can exclude companies in your job preferences which will ensure that you don't receive job recommendations or ads for jobs at that company.

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