I flagged Use Windows as secondary monitor on chrome os as Very Low Quality.

Here's the question text:

Is it possible to work on chrome os as the main monitor and use a windows PC as a secondary monitor to chrome? I have searched on the internet but could not find anything.

My flag was marked Disputed.

very low quality – Robert Columbia yesterday disputed

I'm struggling to understand how this question does not meet the definition of Very Low Quality:

"This question has severe formatting or content problems."

It's blatantly off-topic, and in such a way that a simple edit, even by the OP, will not fix it. It's not like off-topic "debug my code" questions that can be made on-topic by editing in an MCVE.

"This question is unlikely to be salvageable through editing...."

There doesn't seem to be much, if any, scope for bringing this question to an on-topic state. Even if there was a marginal possibility, the likelihood of someone doing so for a question like this is very low.

"...and might need to be removed."

It's clogging up our site, sending a silent message to others that we tolerate such questions in our community. This is clearly one that "might" need to be removed, and one that in fact should be removed if there is no path to redemption for it.

I did Vote to Close and downvote too, but the question is still sitting there with one close vote and -1.

What am I not understanding about question quality here? How can this question be salvaged through editing or otherwise redeemed?

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The question features coherent writing. You are able to tell what the question is about. That alone disqualifies it from VLQ. A VLQ question is so poorly written or formatted as to be incomprehensible (in other words, a question your first instinct would be to vote unclear rather than off-topic).

A question that's blatantly off-topic doesn't need to go away any quicker than any other off-topic question, and doesn't need anything beyond the usual close-delete/Roomba workflow. Sure, such a question can't be salvaged by editing, but that's meant to be a description of how incoherent the content is, not how far off-topic the otherwise coherent content is.

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