There's been a number of entries in the review queue the last few weeks:

  1. Edits to (old) questions where the only edit is a shorter title to fit the new 150-character limit

  2. Edits to (old) questions to fix tags (e.g. sql-like instead of like)

  3. Trivial edits to questions that are old and have negative votecounts

I'm not sure what to do with these. For older questions it seems particularly not useful, especially for secondary or tertiary tags like like where you will almost definitely have sql as an accompanying tag. The edit isn't "wrong" but it seems trivial.

The title ones seem completely worthless, since nothing's wrong about the old questions (well, nothing more wrong than was already there.)

The edits to bad questions/answers (again for trivial stuff) seems also like something to be rejected. The proposed changes aren't making any real improvement to these items.

In some ways it feels like the threshold for edits should be higher for older posts (perhaps that's a different feature request). But in the above kinds of cases, are any of them ones that I should be blanket-approving?



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