Having used Feign, I can confidently say that , and refer to the same library.

tag wiki :

Feign is a java to http client binder inspired by Retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket. Feign's first goal was reducing the complexity of binding Denominator uniformly to http apis regardless of restfulness.

tag wiki :

A framework created by Netflix to help connect your code to http APIs.

There are 101 and 188 questions tagged and respectively. So tag can be made a synonym of .

Since community is maintaining the project, and can be made a synonym of (as suggested by @NH in comments) . should be the master/parent tag.

Today I noticed that there is a tag named also. Tag wiki:

Use this tag for question related to the use of Feign declarative REST client inside the spring cloud ecosystem.

Seems like people are creating tags without checking alternatives names at all.

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    Is it like twitter-bootstrap where these days it's called just bootstrap but it was originally a twitter thing? eg now it's a framework called feign but it was once upon a time Netflix-feign? – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Mar 5 '18 at 3:59
  • @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas The Maven repository name is com.netflix.feign, but a quick search shows both names being used. – Stevoisiak Mar 5 '18 at 17:42
  • @StevenVascellaro - This is true, but the libraries are all called feign-core, feign-jackson, etc. It looks like the library is called feign, properly. – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Mar 5 '18 at 19:06
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    @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas sounds like netflix-feign should be the synonym instead. – NH. Mar 5 '18 at 21:43
  • The repository is not even hosted in Netflix's GetHub anymore: github.com/Netflix/feign redirects to github.com/OpenFeign/feign – Didier L Mar 6 '18 at 8:32
  • @DidierL Feign started as a project by Netflix. Then Netflix moved to Node and and community is maintaining the project since. Yeah I so agree with NH that netflix-feign should be synonym. – narendra-choudhary Mar 6 '18 at 8:45
  • I have updated the question to add the point made by @NH. – narendra-choudhary Mar 6 '18 at 8:50
  • There is a tag named spring-cloud-feign also. – narendra-choudhary Mar 8 '18 at 11:00

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