I was just answering this meta question: What should be done if a question has its duplicate deleted?.

In my answer I provided the link to a SEDE script which lists the questions closed as duplicate, with original questions which got deleted.

I wanted to perform a sampling of those questions, and I found out that some of them (I only checked a few, but there are probably a lot) link to recent deleted questions.

So how is it possible in 2017 to close as duplicate if the original question has no accepted or upvoted answer? I already tried that and was denied by the close widget.

I know it was possible some time ago but the policy of closing as duplicates changed (We should be able to close questions as duplicates of any question).

Someone can explain what's going on?

  • In addition to Servy's answer, the answer was accepted when it as alive. When the Q gets deleted it removes the accepted from the answer. Commented Feb 27, 2018 at 15:15
  • yeah, I know that, sometimes the timeline is tricky. Your link shows 2 events: answer, then "accept" by community;.. Anyway, glad to know that the system still works. Commented Feb 27, 2018 at 15:35

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  • If the author of both questions is the same you can close as a duplicate. (This appears to be the case for your second and third examples.)

  • Moderators can do this.

  • The answer could have been deleted after it was marked as a duplicate.

  • The answer could have been downvoted/unupvoted/unaccepted after it was marked as a duplicate. (This is the case for your first example. The answer was accepted, and unaccepted automatically when the post was deleted. (Deleted posts can't be accepted.))

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