If I have earned a tag badge, I can easily click on the badge and see a list of who else has earned it.

But, suppose I want to see who (if anyone) earned the bronze tag badge. Because each tag badge page URL uses both the tag name and badge id, e.g. for :


unless I know the id number for the pytorch bronze badge, I cannot access it directly.

Is there a (preferably easy) navigational path for me to either reach that page if it exists or know that the badge has not been created yet if it doesn't exist?


You can start by viewing its all-time top users. Since all the top users don't have enough rep on the subject to get a bronze badge, no-one will have enough rep.

If there would've been a top user that had that badge, you could've clicked through from there.


You can Ctrl+F any tag-badge here:


enter image description here

Clicking on the badge icon will show you a list of users with it; if it does not appear on this page, no users have earned it yet.

Alternatively, if you yourself have the badge, navigate to:

My profileActivityBadges🟤 pytorchOthers with this badge


If you don't mind having a lag of up to 7 days, this SEDE Query will do the trick:

-- class: Gold/Silver/Bronze "1 = Gold; 2 = Silver; 3 = Bronze; 0 = All"

select userid [User Link]
     , Date
     , case class 
       when 1 then '1. Gold'
       when 2 then '2. Silver'
       when 3 then '3. Bronze'
       end [Metal class] 
from badges
where tagbased = 1
and name = ##tagname:string?pytorch##
and class = case when ##class?0## <> 0 then ##class## else class end
order by [date] desc

Notice that you can enter both the tagname and the class (Gold/Silver/Bronze) where class also accepts 0 to include all classes. Hover over the label to see the other valid values.

SEDE query parameter form with labels tagname and value pytorch and gold/silver/bronze with value2. Button Run Query, options: text-only results, label switch to meta site, results tab with 3 columns: User Link; date; Class. First row; column 1: link to jodag; column2: 2021-03-19 19:35:50; column3: 2. Silver

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