If I have earned a tag badge, I can easily click on the badge and see a list of who else has earned it.

But, suppose I want to see who (if anyone) earned the bronze tag badge. Because each tag badge page URL uses both the tag name and badge id, e.g. for :


unless I know the id number for the PyTorch bronze badge, I cannot access it directly.

Is there a (preferably easy) navigational path for me to either reach that page if it exists or know that the badge has not been created yet if it doesn't exist?


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You can start by viewing its all-time top users. Since all the top users don't have enough rep on the subject to get a bronze badge, no-one will have enough rep.

If there would've been a top user that had that badge, you could've clicked through from there.


You can Ctrl+F any tag-badge here:

enter image description here

Clicking on the badge icon will show you a list of users with it; if it does not appear on this page, no users have earned it yet.

Alternatively, if you yourself have the badge, navigate to:

My profileActivityBadges🟤 pytorchOthers with this badge


If you don't mind having a lag of up to 7 days, this SEDE Query will do the trick:

-- class: Gold/Silver/Bronze "1 = Gold; 2 = Silver; 3 = Bronze; 0 = All"

select userid [User Link]
     , Date
     , case class 
       when 1 then '1. Gold'
       when 2 then '2. Silver'
       when 3 then '3. Bronze'
       end [Metal class] 
from badges
where tagbased = 1
and name = ##tagname:string?pytorch##
and class = case when ##class?0## <> 0 then ##class## else class end
order by [date] desc

Notice that you can enter both the tagname and the class (Gold/Silver/Bronze) where class also accepts 0 to include all classes. Hover over the label to see the other valid values.

SEDE query parameter form with labels tagname and value pytorch and gold/silver/bronze with value2. Button Run Query, options: text-only results, label switch to meta site, results tab with 3 columns: User Link; date; Class. First row; column 1: link to jodag; column2: 2021-03-19 19:35:50; column3: 2. Silver

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