About writing tag excerpt/info, for example for

I found it confusing to handle such tags with more than 1 meaning,

It can have google analytics context

autoLink method

Or android context

android:autoLink Controls whether links such as urls and email addresses are automatically found and converted to clickable links.

I can refer you to velocity hell tag that tag usage will become very confusing later.

What can/should we do in such scenarios? write all possible contexts? ask for change of tag name? ignore such tags?

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    If a tag's meaninf is open to interpretation like that, it's a unclear tag, and may even need to be burninated.
    – Cerbrus
    Feb 22, 2018 at 11:18

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You cannot write an excerpt for a tag with different meanings. These are ambiguous tags. You can check if they can be disambiguated into multiple tags with clear meaning. The questions will then be retagged based on the separated tags. Check some requests in . You can then write an excerpt for the disambiguated tags.

If the tag is very generic and meets the burnination criteria, you can create a burninate request . Criteria can be seen here.

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