Jon Skeet recently earned the Enlightened badge.The next one is Socrates.

How can Socrates be more than "Enlightened"?

What is the criteria of which this is decided?

P.S I am not talking about badges based on the users' activity, but more of the naming convention!


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Short answer: Socratic has nothing to do with Enlightened. Socratic is the gold version of Curious and Inquisitive, while Enlightened is a single badge on its own.

One is free to choose which badge to track next in their activity page. You just click on the gear next to the text "Next badge", and a list of trackable badges will show up. If one tracked badge is awarded, the system will automatically choose the badge with the highest progress from the rest.

Meanwhile, there are some badges that cannot be tracked here. For example, Nice/Good/Great Question/Answer, Popular/Notable/Famous Question, etc. They will show at the "Newest" place after you are awarded, but they do not affect your tracking badge.

The two things mentioned above makes it possible that the names for "Newest" and "Next badge" are irrelevant.

  • what makes a person earn the Enlightened badge – user9025311 Feb 17 '18 at 9:12
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    @D.'s Don't you look it up in the help center? – iBug Feb 17 '18 at 11:17

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