I have a normal account and usually log in with Email and Password using the Chrome browser.

The login on my browser works perfect, but now I installed the Stack Overflow iPhone app on my iPhone 5s.

I got the following error message in the app:


More > Log in or sign up

On this login screen, I got this error:

Request failed

Bad password

Standard login error message

OpenID Login

*More > Log in or sign up > more login options

On this login screen, I got this error:

The email or password is incorrect.

Open ID Login Error

What I'm trying to solve with this problem:

  • Typing my email and password over and over again
  • Changing my password with browser and smartphone
  • Searching google
  • Searching Stack Overflow

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I found a solution

I had to logout one time in my browser.

So I clicked on Users and add /logout in the URL following by pressing Enter. Now you are on the "hidden logout-screen". Click on the checkbox "log out on all devices" and click the Log Out button.

Here comes a screenshot:

log out on all devices

And as long as I'm not logged in again, the app login works.

After this initial app login, it works also if I'm logged in with my browser too.

I think it is a bug.

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