I just browsed the earliest save of Skeet's profile on web.archive.org (back when he only had 778 rep, unbelievable), when a line of text in the footer caught my eye:

Using this website may cause irreversible damage to the kidneys and liver.

screenshot of the footer

The link is pointing to a long-gone video (it was taken down by Viacom back in 2008).

Please help me understand this reference. What was the video that this text was pointing to?


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Jeff was always known for having a sense of humour. While the YouTube link is long gone, it almost certainly linked to this:

South Park "Weight Gain 4000" snippet

It's the South Park Weight Gain 4000 episode, one of Jeff's favourite shows.

The site also featured imagery from the Flights of the Conchords series, every time you are asked to fill in the Google Captcha:

Flights of the Conchords characters in robot outfits

Flights of the Concords is Jeff's favourite two man novelty band.


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