The broader question in the subtitle is illustrated by and , two closely related tags about Haskell packages. Their current tag wiki excerpts are fairly accurate:

  • (56 followers, 1352 questions): "Cabal is a package distribution and build system for the Haskell programming language" -- that includes e.g. the Cabal format for packages, the .cabal configuration files that specify such packages, and the Cabal library that handles them.

  • (12 followers, 266 questions): "cabal-install is a package manager and dependency resolver for building and installing Haskell libraries" -- it is a tool that builds on the Cabal infrastructure mentioned above.

In principle, there is a meaningful distinction between the tags, and it might be even useful sometimes (for instance, can be relevant to questions about , an alternative build tool, even if cabal-install isn't involved at all). In practice, however, the situation is rather hopeless: the cabal-install executable is called cabal, and people often refer to cabal-install simply as "Cabal", and so most questions that should have the tag (either on its own or alongside ) have just instead.

Given this scenario, I wonder if it would be better to throw in the towel and make a synonym . We would thus, at the cost of losing a marginally useful distinction, avoid continued retagging busywork and indecision about which tags to use or follow. Or, to put it more broadly, at which point does tag disambiguation becomes too much of a Sisyphean job to be worth bothering with?

A related suggestion about the concrete case is Merge [cabal] and [cabal-install] tags, which went nowhere, presumably due to lack of available Haskellers. (By the way, feel free to chime in if you have thoughts about the matter even if you aren't a dweller.)

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