The broader question in the subtitle is illustrated by and , two closely related tags about Haskell packages. Their current tag wiki excerpts are accurate:

  • (56 followers, 1352 questions): "Cabal is a package distribution and build system for the Haskell programming language" -- that includes the Cabal format for packages, the .cabal configuration files that specify such packages, and the Cabal library that handles them.

  • (12 followers, 266 questions): "cabal-install is a package manager and dependency resolver for building and installing Haskell libraries" -- it is a tool built upon the Cabal infrastructure mentioned above.

In principle, there is a meaningful distinction between the tags, which might be even be useful sometimes (for instance, can be relevant to questions about , an alternative build tool, even if cabal-install isn't involved at all). In practice, however, the situation is rather hopeless: the cabal-install executable is called cabal, and people often refer to cabal-install simply as "Cabal". That being so, most questions that should have the tag (either on its own or alongside ) have just instead.

Given this scenario, I wonder if it would be better to throw in the towel and make a synonym of . We would thus, at the cost of losing a marginally useful distinction, avoid continued retagging busywork and indecision about which tags to use or follow. Or, to put it more broadly: at which point does tag disambiguation becomes too much of a Sisyphean job to be worth bothering with?

A related suggestion about the concrete case is Merge [cabal] and [cabal-install] tags, which went nowhere, presumably due to lack of available Haskellers. (By the way, feel free to chime in if you have thoughts about the matter, even if you aren't a dweller.)


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