I saw user who scored 1020 reputation in this week, so I checked their reputation tab. There, I noticed a strange reputation entry; they received +1000rep for a removed post..

I thought they may have offered 1000 reputation bounty for a post, and due to the removal of the post the reputation was refunded to them. But seeing their "bounty offered" page, there is no entry about such a post.

So if the post was indeed removed would the relevant information be also removed from the "bounty offered" page?

The queried reputation is: rep

I do not have 10k reputation to see the removed post or its timeline.

Can anyone tell me what the actual reason behind this +1000 entry is?

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    There's two 500 rep bounties on answers to that question, I'm guessing they got refunded maybe? Screenshot: imgur.com/a/1qDfS – ivarni Feb 6 '18 at 11:39
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    Jesus, how bad was the question that they received that much to remove it. – George Feb 6 '18 at 11:39
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    It's kind of strange that the bounties where refunded when the people who received them didn't get a corresponding correction but I guess this isn't a very common occurence. – ivarni Feb 6 '18 at 11:44
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    The mods were looking at this an hour ago. We have no idea what's going on either. – BoltClock Feb 6 '18 at 11:45
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    @BDL: Technically, there were 2 500 rep bounties. – Cerbrus Feb 6 '18 at 11:46
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    @Shadow Wizard: Yes, specifically, if the bounties should have been refunded in this specific circumstance, considering those were bounties that were already awarded (with you being one of the winners, by the way). It might not be that simple. – BoltClock Feb 6 '18 at 12:07
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    @ShadowWizard the point is though that the recipients of the bounties didn't lose the points. 1000 points have been magicked out thin air. – ChrisF Feb 6 '18 at 12:25
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    So if I really need an answer to a question, I post a reward of 500 points. After I got my answer I delete the questions to regain my points? sounds fishy - good thing nobody woul dever do that... – Patrick Artner Feb 6 '18 at 12:29
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    @ShadowWizard: the bounties were awarded. Over 5 years ago. Normally those that set the bounty would not see it returned after the bounty has been awarded already. I think this might be a bug instead, one involving the "deleted > 60 days since posting" rules for retaining post reputation. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:36
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    @PatrickArtner you can't delete your own question once it get answer with upvotes, so it's pretty hard to abuse. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 12:37
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    @ShadowWizard: but your question may be a dupe of What happened to the 50 points bounty I awarded a user before my question was migrated to DBA?, which Nick Craver tagged as 'status-bydesign', with an answer by Shog. The answer is still vaguely worded, and I'd like to have the exact rules written out or confirmed to be actively wrong (rather than a "that is how it works now, we don't know why" style statement). – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:49
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    @gparyani: note that the FAQ contradicts the behaviour: The bounty is not given back to the user who awarded it. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:57
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    @ShadowWizard: I asked Shog in the SO moderator room. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 13:10
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    @Sankar Firefox has new screenshot capabilities including easy full-page screenshots. – wentz Feb 6 '18 at 17:04
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    @Sankar Chrome has that built in when you use the devtools. There's also numerous extensions for most browsers to do it. – ivarni Feb 6 '18 at 19:15

Update: As of February 13, 2018, this situation should not occur, and the user's reputation has been recalculated so that they haven't earned reputation from it. The feature request described in the last paragraph below has been implemented - reputation is no longer refunded if the awardee gets to keep it, per the second paragraph below. Also, previous such refunds that no longer qualify under the new rules have been revoked.

As Shadow said, the 1,000 reputation added to that account was because a single question where they had awarded two +500 reputation bounties was deleted. Whenever any question that previously had a bounty gets deleted for any reason, the bounty reputation gets returned to the bounty owner(s). This is what happened in this case. (Side note: if the question were to be undeleted, the user would lose the 1,000 reputation again.)

The reason why the answerers didn't lose their 500-rep bounties is because of a special rule in the system: if an answer has a score of at least 3 and has been visible for at least 60 days, any reputation change from that answer is kept upon deletion. This is intentional, because when an answer that meets those conditions is deleted, it's usually for reasons unrelated to the answer's quality.

There exists a feature request on Meta Stack Exchange to not refund bounties upon deletion if the awardees would get to keep it due to the above rule.

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    I'd say this is actually a bug, as the bounties have been awarded over 5 years ago. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:34
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    @MartijnPieters That's intentional, with the current design. You can file a feature request on MSE if you want this changed. – gparyani Feb 6 '18 at 12:37
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    I'm quite familiar with these rules, as a moderator. The bounty refund is highly unusual and unexpected. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:40
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    @MartijnPieters But not a bug. – gparyani Feb 6 '18 at 12:40
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    @gparyani: this is not documented as the official policy and certainly flies in the face of my own experience with deleting posts for users with socks and bounty transfers. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:42
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    @MartijnPieters Yes it is.. – gparyani Feb 6 '18 at 12:44
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    No, I do think it is a bug. See How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion? as well: Reputation changes from bounties, votes (both up and down), and acceptances on deleted posts (including answers to a deleted question) are nullified. (Exception: Reputation earned for posts with a score of 3 or higher, and where the post has been visible on the site for at least 60 days, is retained). A bounty awarded is not reputation earned by the bounty setter. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:44
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    @MartijnPieters Yes it does. It's tagged status-bydesign. – gparyani Feb 6 '18 at 12:45
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    @gparyani: yes, it is interesting that Nick tagged it as such. So I'm getting some confirmation from the CMs. If it is status-bydesign I'll request it to be changed. Until then, I regard it as a bug. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:46
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    I would have to agree with @MartijnPieters here.. If bounty is not removed from recipient then it makes no sense to give back to asker – Suraj Rao Feb 6 '18 at 12:55
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    @SurajRao I tend to agree, I don't really like this functionality of the system. While it's not a bug, I think it should be changed, and I'd support a feature request asking for it to be changed. – gparyani Feb 6 '18 at 12:56
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    It's one of the very explicit points of the bounty system that once you offer the bounty, you say goodbye to that rep. Either someone will get (part of) it later, or it dissolves into the void. The fact that the bounty amount was given back to the person who offered it while the beneficiary also kept theirs, surely cannot be a feature! Quoting ChrisF: "1000 points have been magicked out thin air.". That can't be a feature. – Andras Deak Feb 7 '18 at 10:04
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    @AndrasDeak "A bug labelled a feature might still be a bug." You have obviously never had to deal with Internet Explorer. – user4639281 Feb 7 '18 at 22:52
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    The feature is fixed meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306966/… – Andras Deak Feb 14 '18 at 1:47

Yes, those are two bounties, 500 rep each:

Users with less than 10k rep don't see deleted questions in the offered bounties list.

  • so does that mean users who were awarded bounties do not lose it.. but the ones who offer are refunded? – Suraj Rao Feb 6 '18 at 12:13
  • @SurajRao: Those users show no bounty rep in their profile, for that question. – Cerbrus Feb 6 '18 at 12:15
  • @SurajRao they keep the bounty only if the answer had score of at least 3, and posted 60 days before the question was deleted. e.g. my answer qualifies, so I kept the rep indeed, and there is no rep change for me. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 12:19
  • @Cerbrus well that's because the question is deleted and we don't get to see deleted posts in other user's profiles, except favorites and bounty list. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 12:21
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    @ShadowWizard: You got to keep it? Did we just find a rep duplication glitch? Prepare for inflation followed by the bubble bursting ;-) – Cerbrus Feb 6 '18 at 12:23
  • @Cerbrus yes I keep it. No glitch, no inflation... if the question will be undeleted at some point, the OP (or whoever started the bounty) will lose 1000 rep again. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 12:24
  • @ShadowWizard: and the question asker retained their reputation for the question, but not their answer on the same post (the latter had a score of 2), as expected. What is not expected is to see the awarded bounties refunded to the bounty issuer. – Martijn Pieters Feb 6 '18 at 12:37
  • Slightly off topic, but 6 offered bounties of 500 each add up to 3000, not 2000. That looks like a bug to me, but unfortunately I cannot verify it. – Just a student Feb 6 '18 at 16:31
  • @Justastudent it counts only the undeleted bounties. As this very question proves, the deleted have no real effect on reputation any more, so excluding them from the sum is correct. The user lost only 2000 rep on bounties, not 3000. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 16:33
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    @MartijnPieters If I downvote an answer with score >3 and then it gets deleted, I get back the 1 rep that I spent to downvote but the poster doesn't recover the 2 rep that it cost them. Isn't this the same thing? Namely, deletion of highly-upvoted content doesn't affect the rep of the poster to avoid deterring deletion, but rep spent voting on content that then gets deleted is always refunded. – Mark Amery Feb 6 '18 at 16:33
  • Fair enough, @ShadowWizard. It just seemed weird to me that it counts deleted bounties in the number (6), but not the reputation. But I agree with your argument. – Just a student Feb 6 '18 at 16:36
  • @Justastudent that's true, might be very minor bug, feel free to report on MSE and gain some rep... ;) – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 6 '18 at 16:38
  • @ShadowWizard I don't know about "glitch", but there's certainly some degree of inflation, given that rep has been created from nothing. Of course, upvotes also create rep from nothing, so its not like its the end of the world. – mbrig Feb 6 '18 at 16:41
  • I'm curious as to how/why the question was deleted. Do your ninja 10k powers reveal any info on that? – Stephen Kennedy Feb 7 '18 at 17:11
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    @StephenKennedy users with 10k rep can delete any closed question. The question was closed then deleted by ordinary high rep users. – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Feb 7 '18 at 17:17

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