Currently, the tag fluid is used incorrectly in a number of questions.

There are 2 different meanings for fluid in question:

  • tag fluid-layout: "A Fluid Layout, sometimes also referred to as a liquid layout, is a CSS technique in which the majority of the page components have percentage widths, and thus adjust to the user's screen resolution."
  • tag fluid "Fluid is a an XML-based templating system for TYPO3. With Fluid, all the code for the view logic moves to the template - e.g. loops, if/else switches and similar.". This is specific to [typo3] or [neoscms].

Currently, there are 374 questions tagged with fluid and not typo3 / neoscms (request: [fluid] -[neoscms] -[typo3]), which are most probably (I did not check them all, just glanced through) tagged incorrectly (using tag fluid instead of tag fluid-layout). There is a total of about 1000 tagged with [fluid], so about a third is most probably tagged incorectly.

What's the best procedure for normal user if they see questions tagged incorrectly (e.g. editing the questions and changing the tags or leaving a comment?

What is the best way to address this in general (apart from manually editing every single one)? E.g. should the tag in question be renamed?

I found a similar question to this question, however with no answer: Retag ambiguous [failsafe] tag

Personally, I think the drop down tag-hint when typing the tags is extremely helpful and should be sufficient, but apparently not.

Drop down tag hints

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    Ick, tag fluid leaking out all over the place...
    – jscs
    Jan 25, 2018 at 19:13
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    suggested title: Tag meaning is too [fluid]
    – user5940189
    Jan 26, 2018 at 13:44


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