I searched for questions tagged , or and on top of the page it is showing:

Public questions tagged or or

What is a public question? Aren't all questions public on Stack Overflow?

As pointed out in the comment by @vaultah, this might be related to channels. Can anyone please confirm that?


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tl;dr This is a change we made for channels, but it shouldn't have squeaked out on to the production site for non-alpha users. We are working on a fix.

Details: When you are a member of a channel it is important for you to clearly understand your context. Are you looking at information available to anyone (public) or are you looking at information for your channel (private). There are a range of UX changes that we've put in place to address this issue. If you are not a member of a channel, then you shouldn't see any of these changes.


This (probably) shouldn't be shown to you as it doesn't appear that you're a member of a private channel during the very early alpha period; but it's possible that we just print that by default now so folks know that yeah, there can be a private version of those results, too.

Regardless, that's why it's there. If you were in a channel, you might also see channel results that aren't public, which would be pretty clearly differentiated.

I'm tagging this as a bug on the off-chance that the string shouldn't be printed (for now), but eventually, public content might need to be more clearly labeled in other areas, and we might do that regardless of channel membership for perf or other reasons.

  • Yes, I'm not member of any channel yet and that's why it was confusing. Thanks Tim for the explanation.
    – taskinoor
    Jan 17, 2018 at 19:31

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