I'm not sure if someone asked this before, I searched but found nothing about this. Is it possible to find given downvotes to people's answers?

I can find all downvotes like this:


This show all down votes on questions and answers, but I'm interested in finding downvotes only to people's answers.

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    my way to get to old answers that cost me -1 in downvotes is as follows: 1) audit my rep as described here 2) pick events showing -1 and get respective post id 3) construct the answer URL: https://stackoverflow.com/a/<post id>
    – gnat
    Commented Jan 14, 2018 at 20:24

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There's no way to filter on answers in the Votes tab of your profile (I'm assuming you want to see the votes you cast – you can never see what other people voted for); there's only a separate tab for up- and downvotes.

Another way to find downvotes on answers is via the reputation tab (they show up as a -1 entry on that list) but you have to open most days to see them.


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