I noticed some users fail to tag their questions properly. They use specific tags instead of general ones. E.g. using angularjs-directive without angularjs. It's easy to see that not many people will help them, as it would be difficult to find them in the first place. Luckily (!) some add "AngularJS" in the title, which gave me the idea to search for this keyword instead of the tag.

The problem is that when I search for angularjs it automatically assumes it's a tag and changes it to [angularjs]. With this, it becomes impossible to find people with the issue described earlier.

Shouldn't there be an option to search keywords and tags separately?


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Use quotes


that prevents the word to be considered as a tag.

and then you can also search for "angularjs" -[angularjs] is:q to find the questions that don't have the tag.

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