This seems to come up quite a lot.

In Python, someone writes a script which has the same name as a module they want to import from it. The import succeeds, but when they try to access an attribute of the module, this fails with the AttributeError: module 'x' has no attribute 'y' error, because the name of their script is shadowing the module.

It's so common that I'd have thought there must be a canonical dupe-target, but I can't find one.


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The Python chat room maintains a list of canonical posts. A quick search for module turns up https://sopython.com/canon/96/attributeerror-module-object-has-no-attribute-foobar/, which links to Importing installed package from script raises "AttributeError: module has no attribute" or "ImportError: cannot import name"

Please join the chat room, there's people there 24/7 that can help with issues like these.

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    Thanks - I've never really ventured into the chat rooms. I'll go and lurk...
    – SiHa
    Dec 19, 2017 at 12:53

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