In this answer from 2016, Stephen Leppik mentions that:

After 3K, you can still raise close flags. For example, if you've exhausted all of your close votes. (If you do have remaining close votes, selecting "Should be Closed…" just brings up the vote-to-close dialogue.)

I tried to do this recently. I was out of close votes for the day on the main site, but still had plenty of flags. I opened the flag dialog on the question and selected a close reason, but the system would not let me submit the dialog, claiming that I had 0 close votes remaining.

Can users with more than 3,000 rep raise close flags if they are out of close votes? If so, what is the procedure for doing so? If not, is Stephen's answer incorrect (as of the date it was written) or is it obsolete (in the sense that the ability for 3K users to raise close flags has been removed)?


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Yeah, that answer was wrong, and thanks for calling me out on it. I've updated it now.

I think sorta heard that factoid at some point, didn't bother to question it, and regurgitated it later without any references at all. I didn't have any way to verify it for myself since I wasn't 3K at the time.

I actually have run into this block before, but by that time I had forgotten about it. This was a good reminder.


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