Starting today (11/27) I noticed the inbox, achievements, review, and site switcher icons are very blurry at 100% zoom in IE11. I cannot reproduce in Chrome 59+. I'm on Windows 7. Surely IE11 support should exist for the sprites?

blurry icons main toolbar

Some of the icons on the edit toolbar of the post area are blurry as well.

blurry icons edit toolbar

The logo goes wonky at 110% zoom:

enter image description here

I don't know enough about SVG and CSS to diagnose why. They've got a fuzzy look that almost resembles motion-blur to me.

Note: the issue isn't quite as bad as the imgur-compressed image shows.

I double-checked the emulation settings I had on, and they are the default (Document mode = Edge, Browser profile = Desktop, User agent string = Default). I also do not have Compatibility view enabled.



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